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    I am. A dreamer at heart. Most hopelessly romantic. Poet. Songwriter. Singer. Actress with all my heart and soul. My own imaginary friend. Often found with her nose in a book, or her head in the sky, or her eyes in the distance. Taking in the beauty of the sinking sun, or the soothing sound of the so incredibly beautiful ocean. Closing her eyes when the wind softly strokes through her hair. With a smile in her heart. A girl too shy, too sensitive, and too emotional for her own good. Quietly keeping all her never-ending thoughts and dreams to herself. Appreciating the littleness of a smile, a touch, a hug, or a kiss -more than anything else in this world. Drawn to sadness and things that touch her heart and allow those tears she so desperately tries to keep inside. Trusting more the pen in her hand or the keys under her fingers to speak the words she cannot liberate with her own voice. Believing in heroes. In the good in people. The beauty within. Hoping that there is a fate. And everything will make sense one day. And that smiles won't have to hide the tears of a heart that refuses to heal. Most of the time Dreaming. Day and Night. Of one day finding a place in this world. And somebody to share it with.

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